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How Mobile Billboards and Outdoor Advertising Can Help Your Business

Marketing is paramount to success for any business venture. In fact it is one part to the two part success equation. First provide for a want or need, and second make sure people know about it. In-Style Mobile Billboards provides the second part, getting people to notice! No matter how great your product is, if no one knows about it, no one will buy it. That is where mobile billboards and outdoor advertising come to play.

In a world of over saturated media and competing eye candy, especially in the world renown city of Las Vegas, it is easy to have your advertisements drowned out by competitors. You want your marketing budget to have as much audience impact as possible. The two ways to achieve ultimate impact is to get your advertisements in front of the maximum amount of targeted audience members and to make sure your ad is noticed. In-Style provides the perfect marketing platform.

Dynamic yellow trucks provide the foundation with visual head-turning power. Perched above the crowd stands LED illuminated scrolling displays that create moving light plays catered to human nature; our instinctive need to track moving objects. With high quality visually stimulating designs, your audience cannot help but notice!

Being a mobile billboard, you have direct access to your audience's location. Outdoor media allows for specific routes at specific times targeting the maximum number of audience impressions. No longer are you shackled to a stationary billboard hoping someone will notice as they speed by.

With In-Style you take back control of customer impressions; the numbers speak for themselves. Last year over 39 million people visited Las Vegas and over 3 million visited in April 2013, the most current statics available by the Conventions and Visitors Authority. Almost 5 million attended conventions in 2012 and 2013 is looking even better. The latest population reaches just over 2 million making Las Vegas 31 on the MSA ranking, and the daily traffic average stands over one hundred thousand. Now imagine your mobile billboard in the thick of those crowds!

Now imagine that kind of exposure at a much lower cost than traditional advertising avenues and without the traditional disadvantages. The major disadvantage with television is simply the cost. Combine the high cost with the questionable production quality and you have one ineffective medium. The same goes with radio along with the added disadvantage of limited audience. When was the last time you pulled over to write down the phone number and information from a radio commercial? Newspapers are becoming almost nonexistent due to plunging readerships and magazines are also limited to extremely narrow audience niches. Internet ads are limited by complicated technical aspects adding just another middleman raising the cost; who wants the headache? Las Vegas mobile billboards combine the confidence of traditional media without the complexity of online ads creating high impact cost effective media to your audience.

Start your outdoors advertisements and mobile billboard campaign by contacting In-Style today. We offer cost effective advertising for your business or event that will get you noticed.

Compelling Reasons For Choosing Mobile Billboard Trucks Over Stationary Billboards

For a long time now, outdoor advertising has been a popular and well-liked technique for getting messages across a large target audience. It has been employed for a variety of purposes such as spreading social awareness, political campaigns and predominantly for business activities. Amongst various outdoor advertising methods, billboards have been a common choice for marketing specialists and advertisers alike, but mobile billboards outdo the advantages that conventional stationary billboards bring. Let’s have a look at why you should opt for mobile billboards for all types of promotion and awareness campaigns.

How To Make Your Mobile Billboard Stand Out

One well-planned and finely executed ad can generate millions of dollars for your business while on the other hand, ten mediocre ads can cost you a fortune. This is why it is essential to focus on each and every aspect of your advertisement.

When it comes to mobile billboards, they generally capture a large audience and are extremely prominent but even they need the right kind of advertising design to complement them so that they do not fail to cast a lasting impression on every passing eye.

The following aspects of advertising design need to be taken into account to ensure that your mobile billboards stand out.